"These are more than just candles. They're works of art."

Elizabeth A.

"Hands down my new favorite candle brand."

Nicholas A.

"Now I need one for every room in my house."

Amanda B.

Hand-crafted in our home studio, each candle is a labor of love, poured with the finest and cleanest ingredients.

We carefully select every element, from the alluring scents that tell stories, spark emotions, and create cherished memories, to the exquisite vessels and elegant boxes that make our candles a joy to both gift and receive.

Club 504 is an invitation to the world of luxury.

Where quality is never compromised and where you can lose yourself in the intoxicating allure of sophistication and charm. Whether it's the home office, the kitchen, or anywhere in between, our candles will bring your space to life.

Our high-end collection goes beyond simple aromas, aiming to transform spaces, evoke feelings, and become a treasured part of your home's ambiance.

Join us on this sensory journey, and let Club 504 Candle Co. be the light that adds warmth, grace, and a touch of magic to your life. We invite you to explore our collections, immerse yourself in our passion, and allow our candles to inspire you, one sublime scent at a time.

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