Rhapsody Royale

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12 oz. Coco Apricot Créme Wax Blend Candle

Top Notes: Sparkling Champagne | Raspberry | Passion Fruit | Pimento Berry | Apple

Heart Notes: Lily Pink | Jasmine | Peach | Plumeria | Orchid | Papaya

Base Notes: Coconut | Sugar | Cocoa | Guaiacwood | Copal

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Imagine stepping onto a marble floor under a cascade of crystal chandeliers at an elite gala. Rhapsody Royale captures this grandeur, starting with a sparkling overture of champagne and ripe raspberry. As the night unfurls, a rich bouquet of lily pink, jasmine, and orchid mingles with sweet peach and exotic papaya, stirring up the excitement that dances in the air at such high-society gatherings. As the echoes of laughter and clinking glasses fade, the comforting warmth of coconut, rich cocoa, and unique copal linger, rounding off the evening with a rich sense of satisfaction and luxury. Rhapsody Royale is your ticket to the enchantment of an unforgettable gala night, inviting you to experience the essence of sophistication in every flicker of its flame.


The unique moments that inspire the fragrance behind Rhapsody Royale.


"A feminine (and classy) candle that my husband actually likes to burn."

"I love the fresh florals paired with a subtle sweetness."

"My go-to whenever we are having company over. They love it!"

The Details

Just as a masterpiece begins with a perfect canvas, each Club 504 candle starts with our exceptional, premium Coco Apricot Creme wax blend.

Made from natural apricot, soy, and a small touch of food-grade paraffin (just enough to enhance fragrance throw), it offers a creamy white appearance and unparalleled fragrance throw.

Our signature matte black glass vessel is a hallmark of Club 504 candles. The embossed metal label adds an extra touch of class.

Dimensions: 3.75"(w) x 4.1" (h)

Net weight: 12 oz.

Top Notes: 

The first impressions of a fragrance

Sparkling Champagne | Raspberry | Passion Fruit | Pimento Berry | Apple

Heart Notes:  

The middling aromas of a fragrance

Lily Pink | Jasmine | Peach | Plumeria | Orchid | Papaya

Base Notes: 

The lasting impression of a fragrance

Coconut | Sugar | Cocoa | Guaiacwood | Copal

Our environmentally friendly wooden wicks are made from FSC Certified Wood.

Up to 70-80 hours with proper burning.


We take pride in safeguarding your well-being by ensuring the absence of reproductive, acute, or organ toxins, providing you with an unparalleled and health-conscious candle experience.

Phthalates are commonly used to prolong fragrances, but studies have shown they may cause potentially harmful effects on the reproductive system. 

As an alternative to these traditional scent enhancers, we prioritize your health and wellbeing by selecting only the finest and safest ingredients.

Mutagens can cause DNA mutations that may lead to disease and other ailments. We firmly believe in protecting your health by ensuring our products are devoid of any chemicals or physical agents that may harmfully alter your genetic makeup.

Championing compassionate luxury, our candles are steadfastly cruelty-free. Indulge in a Club 504 candle knowing that they are crafted with an unyielding dedication to kindness and care.

We take a firm stance against incorporating ingredients found on the California Prop 65 list, known for their potential to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Club 504 candles are paraben-free, giving you a cleaner, more natural burn.